for Future of Japan

We are pleased to announce the exposition “Help!” which will take place from April 14th until April 21st 2011 at the “Premier Regard” gallery in Paris as a fundraising event for victims of the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear menace in Japan.

As you know, Japan is presently up against the colossal force of nature as well as a major nuclear crisis.

Presently the number of deceased and missing has risen to over 16,000 (sixteen-thousand) people. The estimated financial loss due to the disaster has approached 2,000,000,000 (two-billion) euros at this stage and the psychological suffering of each individual is incalculable.

Mounting to approximately 305,000 (three-hundred-five-thousand) people, the refugees of the tsunami and the victims radioactive contamination lack water, food, medication, electricity, natural gas, blankets, EVERYTHING. At night, the temperature plunges to - 5°C (five degrees below zero celcius). There isn’t even gasoline available to escape the zones contaminated by radioactive particles.

Tokyoites are no longer able to sleep due to the incessant seismic aftershocks. Regardless, despite the anxiety and the accumulating fatigue, they’ve demonstrated an outstanding capability of level-headedness as they come to grips with the disaster.

For a week now, far from our country, we haven’t had any other option but to follow the events from afar, in front of our computer screens.

Even if we are experiencing a sense of powerlessness confronted by the situation in our country, we have decided to organize a collective exposition from which the sales total will be transferred directly to the refugees and victims of the disaster in Japan.

Paris, 18th March 2011

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